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NH Tramper
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  • Thanks for 'grooming' the trail as I went back up Tecumseh on Sunday. It' only 5 minutes from my house and keeps me in shape. Best wishes on finishing the winter 4,000 footers in one season!
    I'm trying a new greenie.

    Hi Tramper, tried to give you a green reputation mark on your Owlshead posting but site would not let me. Tried to reply to it but site would not let me. Great posting, not sure how you remember all the details at the end of a long hike- good recall. A friend complained so about the bushwhack that when we hiked Owlshead we opted for the 2 extra miles of road. Clear dry day, glad we did! Pepp
    It was very nice to meet you and discuss ave you Mike. I also still hope to meet you again. Finally, with the Defi Fouderando, we collected $ 22,140.00 for children with cancer.
    If you can send me the picture of us you have taken during the day, please send it to me at [email protected]
    Thank you
    Thanks! My goal is to never be rescued (and I really did think it was just twisted). :)
    Thank you for adding to a great hike- VERY memorable. Hope we can hike together again soon. Def this winter- gotta get some use out of the new "shoes".
    Don't be too hard on yourself. The shelter itself has no views east, and up on N Kinsman you'd still have had Franconia Ridge in the way. It'd be beautiful under the moonlight, absolutely, but you wouldn't have seen the moon until it was already somewhat risen.

    The thing to do is a midsummer full moon Franconia Ridge loop. It's like being on another planet!
    Be sure to go back in summer, the woods atop the 'Balls are beautiful, with lots of green moss and that "high ridge" feeling throughout!
    "Fishing Jimmy Trail ... Descended this one yesterday.
    Hi-Cannon Trail up to Kinsman Ridge Trail ... Ascended this one yesterday."

    How were those Cannonballs? I love that hike. :)
    We also had a very good time and enjoyed hiking with you. Sue and I are out every week. We are mainly focused on 4K peaks but some others will start to come in soon. Most hikes get posted in case there is interest from others. Please watch for posted hikes. If we don't have something posted, please feel free to send a PM and inquire about our plans. A number of people regularly contact us to see what we're planning.

    Hope to see you and hike with you again soon.
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