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The Unstrung Harp

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  • It sure did bring me to tears when I wrote it.
    He ran like an antelope and appeared tireless. I could not believe that happened the very morning after he died.
    I have a great pic of him with his paw resting on a book titled "The Great Climbing Adventure". That summed up his entire life. He was an amazing fella!
    Hi Unstrung Harp! I was reading your note asking about hiking around N Conway when I was inspired to check ouot your blog Trek For Peace. I noticed an incorrect caption to one of pics in your Hedge Hog Hike. The cliffs you see in view to north are Green's Cliff with Carrigan in back ground. It is not Bond Cliff. I happen to know this because Greens Cliff is on my list of bush whack destinations. You can see Greens Cliff from various overlooks on Kanc. It really is a handsome cliff with no trails to it. It's only around 2600' tall.
    Thanks for the green square, UH -- you're welcome to go the next time I head up Madison for a sunset hike. I need another person to help with descent from the summit after sunset...I can keep you posted, if you're interested.
    About your comment about Acadia - the Precipice was probably closed when you went. This was definitely a traverse to be savored!!!
    I wish I could have gotten away from work to join you on either the Hancocks or Tri's. I hope you had a great hike wherever you wound up exploring. /Steve
    Great to meet you too and glad we could keep you company on the last 4.5 miles of your hike. I'm sure our paths will cross again.
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