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The Unstrung Harp

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  • Ha, ha! That is too funny! And I thought you were stalking me! I'd better check that out. Jeez, I don't even remember when I wrote that! LOL! I should check out some other unsuspecting people's profiles. There's never enough time for this stuff!
    Huh? Oh, yeah, your comment was funny!
    How did you know I got lost and ended up at Pinkham? That was a long time ago- 1983? 1984?
    If you want to adopt a trail, you can do it through the AMC Adopt-A-Trail program(or other trail maintaining entities, such as the WMNF, WODC, etc. Right now my region needs an adopter for the section from Mt. Davis to Isolation. Unfortunately, the hardcore sections of trail usually need adopters with more frequency than the namby pamby ones!
    You can't imagine how disappointed I was when I saw the sign - I had always thought that I still had a few years left... :eek:

    Barnes Field is a group campsite in Pinkham Notch.... adjacent to Dolly Copp campground (about 4 miles South of Gorham).... we go there a lot for hiking and partying at night!
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