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  • Great picture on top of Mount Cabot.

    I'm an Army veteran. Please accept my thanks to your son for his military service.
    Thank you for the compliment on my waterfall pictures. I'm getting that new camera figured out...
    Sorry I missed saying bye last night. It was so difficult to leave but I had an early morning that I could not back away from. I had promise a friend I would join her and a select group of friends as she completed her list.
    I'm trying a new greenie.

    Thanks so much for the green square; I'm sorry I'm late to respond, I just saw the greenie tonight. I agree with your sentiments regarding unleashed dogs. Actually, the my-unleashed-dog-has-human-rights attitude is not the majority opinion, from what I can tell from the many notes that are sent my way whenever I speak up. There are a few very loud people who try to make it seem like they are "right," and that makes others hesitant to write their contrasting opinion. Bottom line, however, is that if a hiker allows their unleashed dog to invade another hiker's space to any degree, then that hiker is inconsiderate and should stick to the woods behind their house. People come first, period. I love dogs, but I would never be so arrogant as to think another person should put up with my out-of-control pet. Anyway, thanks for writing.
    Hi wardsgirl! I applied for Falling Waters, Liberty Spring and A-Z between Avalon and WRT. Don't know if I will get any of those I'm sure they are high profile and high demand :D Would be great to have one of them though. Already have Boundary Line off Jefferson Notch road. I'm looking for trails that I can bring my family to so the Jackson branch would be perfect! Maybe I'll be looking for a 3rd trail at that time (assuming I can take on one of the 3 I applied for this year).
    Thank you! I have to agree, although I've never done the Davis in its entirety I certainly love the parts on the southern flank of Washington and above and below Boott Spur!
    Thanks for the greenie! I was fortunate to be so lucky being in the right place!
    So did your boss then ask why are you reading the nonsense on the hiking websites at work? Because my wife wants to know how I have time to write this BS at the office when I should be attending to clients' business . Thanks for the positive feedback. Hope to meet you out on the trail.
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