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  • Roger that on Shannon Brook, that's my plan. On Nov. 23rd, I did Bald Knob via Shannon Brook and the Bald Knob Cut Off. I may try for this again or go for Turtle Back Mountain. Thanks.
    Hi Donna, the sightings are not rare...the barking is. Usually I'm the one who does the barking. There's a reason he's known as my better half.
    Atticus barked at you? Wow, that makes you one of like three people he's ever met. Consider it a mark of distinction, Wardsgirl...although I should point out that one of the only other people he has ever barked at was one of Whitey Bulger's hit men. (Seriously.) Allow me to apologize for his barking now as it is rare.

    As for his clothing, you are correct: he is mostly a nudist by nature, foregoing even a collar, but on cold, cold days in the mountains he's donned a body suit that makes him look a bit like Aqua Man. It's made by K9 Topcoat and has worked well for us. However, he's gained a bit of weight and it does not fit him perfectly any more, but I we have someone to do a new fitting for him.

    Nevertheless, thank you again for your good offer.

    On another note, a beautiful avatar you've got there, but I laughed at the previous one and would like to give a medal to the person who came up with those stickers. I saw them often in and around the Sandwich Range last winter.
    No worries, I'm not comfortable attempting Whiteface with Alex...interested in perhaps Passaconaway, hoping he has info on the state of the Dicey's Mill trail.
    Thanks -- yes, I've heard about the ledges. A friend was just there and is describing the conditions to me -- sounds like all snow, no ice. However, it makes me nervous nonetheless and we probably won't go that route.

    If he goes over to Passaconaway, I'd really like to know the conditions of the Dicey's Mill Trail. That seems the most likely route for us tomorrow -- IF it's packed out.

    Thank you for your kind words about Neko, she was a beautiful cat and very easy to take pictures of. I have yet to find any cat (or dog) that I don't like, they're all lovely.
    Cool - I'd definitely give the insoles a shot and I would highly recommend running off-road for a little while to reduce the impact. Also, do you have high-arch feet? (a high % of shin splints become stress fractures for "pes cavus" or high-arch feet).
    FYI - be very, very, very careful not to let those shin splints accelerate into a stress fracture. Stress fractures are 10x worse than breaking your bone clean. Recovery means zero activity for 3-6 months and a high likelihood of repeat injuries down the line.
    Thanks for your $.02 I will try that next time. So what is it with warm Gotoraid as opposed to cold?.....Thanks!
    Donna- I didn't know the two other guys you mentioned. But there were 2 Mass guys you made a big impression on: a skinny guy named Harry Hip Speak? who was hiking with Tom ( he worked the cranberry bogs sometimes). Tom was called Rebel at one time. Don't remember if that was his first or 2nd name. You two had them drop at least 10 pounds off their pack by Neel's Gap. I met some of your '94 classmates. Did you know Wingheart or Papillion Duo? The late Annie and the Salesman?
    Yes- I contacted you before- Donna, right? You hiked with Straight Talk when you were pregnant... that was my year- '95.
    thanks for the green...used crampons cant be all that bad....its not like im ice/rock climbing they are getting stressed...
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