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  • Hi Tom! I am now just reading your book. It's a real pleasure. Some of my oldest friends live in Newburyport, so that angle is fascinating, but for sure I was drawn in by the hiking aspects, having done "the 48" myself a couple of times. Never in winter though--have done a few winter peaks, but I'm a wimp when it comes to the cold and also the more extreme difficulty of winter hiking in general. Sorry I never have seen you and Atticus on the trail! Keep on hiking!
    Hi Tom
    I am just getting around to reading your book and am enjoying it. Life's been crazy with three young kids and reading time's been seriously reduced :) I didn't get a single high winter peak done this year, shameful! I guess that's what infant twins will do for you. Hope to see you out on the trails again someday................Jim Lombard
    My wife and myself are really enjoying reading your book. If you have any signings in the MWV please let us know!
    Tom, Did Atticus ever get his eye surgery? If so, how is he doing?
    I saw the picture of the Atti bike on your blog. Oh, he is living in the lap of luxury!
    Thanks for the greenie. As much as I love winter, I was pretty excited to hike on bare ground today!
    Thanks Tom. There is something about the impish ones that seem to work their way into your heart in a surprising way. And whatever they are like, it was the French writer Colette who said: "Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet."
    Thank you for the green spot, Tom. The episode was a big scare, but it also served to remind us that our dogs absolutely depend on us for their safety. I won't forget that again.
    You're welcome Tom, you did great. And I agree with your views about the Religious Right!
    Hi Tom,

    My wife and I saw Atticus (and you) last Friday walking down the street in Jackson. We were up at Pinkham Notch and were in Jackson to hike the Doubleheads. Looking forward to the book. -- Chris
    What a great show!!
    I even had my sister & Mom in Fla tune in, they've heard so much about you & your wonderful adventures!
    Congratulations it was so much fun to watch--you guys were awesome & inspirational!
    I know, I know! You guys are loners! But I wanted to make sure to let you know that you both would make a happy addition. Thanks again! Have a great day.
    Terra says Woof Woof, translates: "Thank you!"
    The three of you are certainly welcome to join us, should be an interesting day, to say the least! :)
    Happy Trails
    We're Soooo excited about the upcoming Animal Planets Show!
    We are DVR-ing it here in RI so we can keep it
    but we will be in NH & hope to watch it as it airs
    We'll be thinking of you guys!
    Facebook can be a big time waster. I am there but just so I can share pictures, quick comments, and (since I'm so old) reconnect with long lost friends.
    Thanks for the greenie, Tom. I resisted moving the date, due to a number of personal reasons. However, we've no wish to be struck by lighting or blown off the mountain. So Sunday it is.
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