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Toe Cozy
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  • Thanks for the greenie. The boy reminded me of myself at that age (even though I'm female). The other great thing was the release from depression I felt from that hike and that exchange. I've never experienced such a dramatic low to high swing before but I'm looking for more.
    Toe Cozy:

    I saw your trip report on Bay of Fundy National Park. It was VERY helpful. My wife and I were up there the week of Labor Day. Your videos of the waters rising/falling at Hopewell was good. Your shots of Cape Enrage were goos. I stood where did when you took your shots. Saw a good sunset off Cape Enrage and the gift shop was still occupied, closed for the day but not packed up. We had great weather and great hiking. I could have stayed at Fundy all week. Had no extra time to walk Sagohic? Point (I know that is no spelled correctly)...next trip north for sure. Good music to your report. And....I got my shots of HA HA Cemetary.
    3's and 8's

    You have friends?????? When did that happpen?????? Well I guess that you now understand that the good part of accepting friends is that rejecting spongebob means more.
    I know you don't accept friends or anything but
    Happy Birthday anyway..you just missed being a leo
    hopefully you have not had to use SOLO course stuff..(I was on a trip where someone bonked a bit and needed help but ended up okay)
    TC - if you could only bring one harp to Caveman's to jam along with us it would be a F# harp because our best tunes to play along on are the two Stones tunes which are both in C# (and F# is the 'blue' fourth) :)
    Evil Webmaster, I will not accept any friends! It is not in my cruel nature.

    I saw those threads and I'm intrigued by the film fest. If I say yes but then can't come up with anything worthy will you hate me? (more than you already do?) Actually I want Spongebob to come up with the idea and I'll be his sidekick. He's full of sh*t, I mean good ideas!

    Chip - no, she just really does not have any friends....it is sad really. Poor girl. If she was just a little nicer... :>)
    "QUOTE=Darren: Wow, you still haven't made any friends yet..."
    I don't think Toe Cozy knows how to accept friends in this new system.
    I'm lost. This new system is going to take some 'splorin.

    Thanks for the pics compliment, Toe Cozy !
    I don't think it's such a big deal. It's just kinda fun. Though I'm sort of a nihilist anyway so I don't really care about anything these days...
    still no friends. When are you gonna get a friend? How about a friend who goes to the Dirty Truth?
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