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  • Thanks for the comment on my signature winter warlock. Its about time i updated that but i like the saying so much i done want to change it! Great Thoreau quote you have too. Happy trails.
    Thanks Scott for the greenie!! It was an amazing trip that will last my lifetime of memories!!
    Thanks Winter Warlock. Just found the "greenie".
    Did you read the CNN report the other day about dentists poisoning the children with sealants containing BPA? It never ends..................................!
    Thanks for the greenie, WinterWarlock. I feel quite silly sharing my 5 year old's fear of the boogieman...but there it is. :eek:
    i'm going to need that green to off-set the barage of red that will follow. ;)
    Thanks for the greenie. As I mentioned in a later post, my last hike on Cannon this past Saturday was aborted when I discovered that Lauky was shivering. Because of the deep snow he wanted to follow the snowshoes rather than leading as he usually does and I just couldn't move fast enough up that trail in the cold weather to keep him warm. I didn't put him in my jacket though, I just turned around and we did make good time getting back to the car.
    Thanks, Scott. It was the best possible outcome I could have hoped for... :)
    Might as well wish you a happy birthday here too, at least VFTT notifies you when you have a visitor message!
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