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  • Thankyou for removing the Map...this is a step in the right direction. It is good to see this issue move forward.
    Thank you, Jeremy, for the green seal of approval...looking forward to dragging you, Mark and Steve over the Elwell Trail.
    Hey, thank you so much for the two moose! The girls love them, that was really thoughtful of you. I'm so glad you were able to be there that day. Looking forward to the next Booze and Vittles.
    So in good faith would it not be the correct thing to do to at least temporarirly remove the Map until this so called information surfaces ?
    Yes factual indeed no arguement there.; but the crap I'm referring to is your persistent attitude that reeks of stubbornness to not see the broader issues regarding the Map in question.
    Hi Jeremy, thanks for the greenie. Looking forward not only to Moosilauke next weekend, but to Booze and Vittles the night before!
    I think I must've taken in about 130 ounces as well. Even though the temperatures up high weren't extreme -- they were in the 70s, I think -- the humidity was brutal. Probably everyone who was hiking yesterday suffered. Bring on autumn!
    Jeremy, yeah, we've got to do this loop. It was pretty wonderful even in the heat, but in the fall I think it'd be stunning. I thought of you yesterday in the Dry River area -- how was that hike? Meantime, thanks as always for the green-spot.
    Hey! I know cool guys like me ain't supposta care bout no greenies, but I do. They make me feel warm and fuzzy, like MJ's glove!

    Hi Jeremy:
    Thanks for the comments and the greenie. It was indeed an awesome day and a near magical time.
    Hope to see you out on the trail sometime. I can't believe with all the hiking you do that we haven't bumped into each other yet.

    Thanks for the square, Jeremy...!

    More history lessons to follow in a day (need to cull photographs from a recent hike, first).
    thanks for the greenie there bud..fine day out yesterday..other othh group did the bonds and reportedLOTS of mud...
    Thanks Jeremy, Hopefully the streams won't be too high. Nice pun by the way. I guess I'd rather be receiving divdends than paying interest. Skip
    Hey Jeremy, Liz and I are thinking of hiking the Garfield, Galehead loop this Saturday. What do you Know about this loop. I have not heard any reports on this hike for a while. Is there a bridge out that woul complicate this? Which way should we approach?
    Hey, thanks for the green-spot. But watch out, rocket-boy: any more cracks about my passion for Michael Bolton and you'll find yourself deep in an endless limerick!
    OMG! You finally hiked in Maine!!!! I can't believe I missed it! :)
    So, does this mean you are hoping to finish the NE67 when you go to Baxter this fall????
    PS All outta green for today.
    Thanks for the clue on the AMC maps, altho I already knew 'em and had decided for the Map Adventures ones. Just have to multiply those metrics! See you out there... --Mike.
    Thanks for the greenie! I'm glad you got to see Alex's log entry. As you could see, she had a "grat" time, lol.
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