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  • I'm trying a new greenie

    Just got your message; you seems to have some idea about how I feel about this matter, Sabrina :D. I find it intersting that I got a friend request based on what I felt was a bit of a snarky, but truthful, observation that I made. I think there are others on the forum that think the way you and I tend to about things like this. Greenie for you! Now don't you feel all good about yourself?!!! :rolleyes:
    Sabrina . . . sorry for the delayed 'thank you' for the greenie. I just now noticed that it was there!!
    You're probably right in some ways, but I'm not sure why it isn't obvious to others - especially those with such sterling credentials - as to why people are drawn like moths to a flame on mountains like Washington. It happens all over the world - put a refuge on the top of a mountain, provide food/shelter/warmth - and some people will struggle through awful conditions to reach it. It's just human nature.
    So Terra gets cheese burgers. Now I understand why Lauky keeps telling me I'm a cheapskate.:)
    Thanks Sabrina. You know how it goes, give him one burger and he wants two. Give him two and he wants an Angus burger.:) Actually, we've had some great post hike times in both Lincoln and Gorham eating our burgers together. Somehow his always go down faster than mine. :)
    Thanks Sabrina. It's been very interesting working on this and it's put me in contact with some interesting people. I sure have been impressed with the savvy and care people are showing in hiking with their dogs.
    Thank you for the green square! Wish I could hike more often so I could give more updates! HAHAHAHA
    Thanks for the rep - wish I had the extra cash around for that show - it sounds fantastic.
    well guess i won't have worry about it john posted with great pics!! that is one reason i don't worry about posting pics or reports someone usually has a better one!! i did get a pic of star browsing, and did a few moose calls to her and she kept looking up when i did them...john was also up later than i and had better views, as you know from madison and adams wash and jeff block off some views he got from those peaks!!
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