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  • hey Una, thanks bunches for the well wishes... how'd your weekend go? Any big news?
    Hi Kim! Its good to see you here! I've been thinking about you and wondering if you've been hiking lately? Feeling your age? Remember, beautiful women don't age -- we become refined :)
    Hope to see you on the trails soon!
    Oh My golly! You must have the most friends of anyone on here! 60 friends? Good going Sabrina! Remember me? Kim. I haven't been hiking as much as I would like. I'm feeling my age, and trying to balance the job responsibilities along with some civic issues (development proposal in neighboring property: 91 structures). I try to get to yoga, walk, play guitar when possible. THANK YOU FOR INCLUDING ME ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST! I feel honored!
    coffee routine is good..naturally that is the single most IMPORTANT factor when setting up a new home...a girl's gotta have her priorities!!!
    I have to admit that i log on several times a day..well..you wouldn't want to miss anything..and now that i actually have a freind..well i can't go backwards...he he..
    i plan on hiking 24th someplace..what would be a reasonable one day for you? would offer condo space thurs nite hike and drive back friday..lots of places on the lt i would like to visit again..even doing a car spot and section of the at from killington towards nh which i have never done..no peaks there though...i certainly understand the long day..you were a truper last week for sleepers....I would take suggestions for a hike..
    so..how is it waking up at home?????..is the coffee routine okay??
    doh! i knew you'd be up there. maybe mendon is an option?? will give it some thought, its a lot of driving for one day -- i have to work thurs sat sun.
    grease injections? do i want to know ?? hope your knee is good to you for your vacation
    hey there..so looking ahead to the 24th..I will still be up at smuggs and would prefer not to go to NH to hike that day..maybe consider mendon or just something for fun up north an lt hike full of puds..is that what you call them :<),,I was thinking of perhaps doing the madonna whiteface loop..just back from the knee doc..a little drainage but i made the move to have the grease injections...mid to late nov...
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