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  • I might be away the week of Nov 9, but keep me in the loop. If I'm around when you come down this way, I'll join in.
    no could do...customer service was crap right off the bat..heading to the local tire shop monday first thing....as for tuesday -- sandwich would work --but you've got it! what about the weeks? we both need them. lets watch the weather, and see how your knee is.
    where did you tumble? hope you are ok. sending healing vibes for your knee.
    ah..thats where the "instant" things is..scary to have a blowout....don't be so down on big box stores..he he..sometimes that is what you have to do..I am a little banged up from vt..took one good tumble..and did take a couple of days off..feels better today..I wouldn't mind working on your 100..sandwich dome maybe? weather looks iffy..though i can probably round up a couple of suspects..I think I want to limit myself to 10 miles or 2500 feet or so..I did sign up for some further knee trearment starting in a couple of weeks
    Well, I had a blow out on I93 at 5:00 am -- so after getting my donut put on at the rest area by a good samaritan, Rob and I headed to Lincoln and we did a Franconia Ridge Traverse, up Skookumchuck, down Osseo. Fine day!
    Owlie is definitely going on my list of winter hikes this year, especially after kicking my butt last New Years Eve weekend! I'll keep you in the loop 'case your interested! Hope you had a fine Southern Presi hike!
    You certainly had a gorgeous day for a hike in the Presi's!!! I should be up there too but instead I'm looking out the window at bluebird skies from the cube farm.
    Hey Sabrina! That's me!! Have a good hike this weekend. Hope to get out there myself.... maybe the daks!
    Caps Ridge to Jeff and down Castle would be great...if the road is still open. I'll cross my fingers because that's the route that I'd like to take.
    Awesome, court! Even I know where cathedral ledges are! Sounds like you are getting really good!
    climbing was excellent! certainly the most exposed climbing i've done to date. cathedral ledges are beautiful. one part was pretty hairy for me.. thought i was going for a ride, but luckily managed to get myself up in a teeny ledge and inch across this traverse while staring down at 200 feet of cliff! yikes! good stuff though!
    just thought i'd drop a line here!


    there we go :)
    Wow Sabrina! Hooray for you! I'll hike with you on the Catskill 3500 if you'd like? I could host hikers here at my condo, but I live about 2 hours from the trail head. But, if you need a place to crash, you and Michael J are welcome. Tom and Laurie live right in the heart of the Catskills though, so....

    Thanks again for including me on your friends list. Maybe you, 'n Michael J, and some of the Hudson Valley folks can hike together in the Cats? It has been a gorgeous fall, hasn't it? I've been spending too much time inside. I'll get back into the groove again however. Bye for now! - Kim
    Yup, MJ, terra and I did the Bonds/Zealand Traverse yesterday -- beautiful weather!! Warm and sunny the whole way!!! Woot!
    How do you feel after your first big race??
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