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  • Thanks for the birthday greeting Phil! Looking forward to crossing paths again with you one of these days. You're a good bloke to hike with.
    Thanks!!! Unfortunately we won't be going to the gathering. We already had a committment in the Whites that weekend.
    How are you guys going in to do Cliff and Redfield? There was only one tricky spot on Cliff where the ice was really bad but to short of a distance to worry about crampons. The views were phenominal!
    re: ADK gathering: maybe..... I'd like to but not really sure of my location yet. What are you hiking?
    Happy birthday Phil, at least this forum actually notifies you that you have a visitor message.. :)
    Thanks Phil, it was so much fun having you along and the traverse was pretty cool..loved the finish at sunset...and getting lost was too funny!!!
    Can't wait to hike with you again!!
    Where is he going to be with this tour? Montreal, no doubt. Probably nowhere near us. Not that he isn't worthy of a road trip!
    Hey thanks for the greenie, Phil. I've got to meet Neil - it appears that his mind works a little bit differently than the average Homo Sapiens. :D

    I am guessing the batteries saved your life? :D

    Your welcome! I always bring extra for me and whoever may need them. I hate running out half way through a hike ;)
    Hi Phil. Thanks for the green! Another Metheny fan, eh? We'll be at the BBQ and hope to finally meet you there.
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