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  • Honestly, she is not all that good in front of the camera. It takes a lot of coaxing and a lot of wasted shots. 8 ) But, she IS adorable, so I do a lot of coaxing and waste a lot of shots! Thanks for the greenie!
    Darlene, Thanks for your concern. We also feel so bad when we see an injured moose and we have on several occasions. This was the worse though. It was a dismal ending for a great hike with new friends. One for the books!
    No Problem for the greenie. Some friends whom are not members here had their sons and daughters participate in this event and they really enjoyed reading your report.
    Last Saturday I logged 10 miles and 3000+ feet on a North Moat loop. I feel like I've come back to the land of the living!
    Mt Assiniboine has caught my climbing eye since 1955 when I saw it in a Canadian Pacific ad. A really magnificent mt. Looks a little like the Boulder Flatirons on steroids.

    If you climb it would you drop me and email so I can loop into your images and trip report?
    Thanks for the greenie. It does seem strange to think as I look out my window at the beautiful!!! fall day, that "up there" it's winter already.
    hey there
    i've hiked it a couple of times. unknown pond is a great place to camp if driving up friday night with a short hike in. then in the col between terrace and the weeks, there is another good spot and water source. that's about it for water -- its pretty dry. definately check out the horn along the way -- its got the best views. have a great time!
    Thanks for the greenie! You going to Banff next year? I am still in the "hopeful" stage for going west, somewhere, if finances permit. Not easy to predict with one kid in college and another heading there soon!
    Hi Darlene - Thanks for the greenie! Remember, I smile because I don't know what hell is going on!
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