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  • I'll definitly keep you in the loop...I will climb Assiniborne either this year or next...have been eyeing it for way too many years...or i should say drooling over it!
    Thanks for your comments! Very nice to hear. We were so fortunate to have such a great day to summit.

    That was my third winter trip to Baxter, one of my favorite places on earth. I'll keep going back, as long as I am able to do so!

    John ~ That was some Owl's Head adventure for you (way back when)......... oh my goodness. At least you had some of the best company any of us could ask for! Hope you NEVER have another incident like that one! Keep on hiking and enjoying all that is here for us to experience ~
    Hi there,
    Its good to see you are still climbing and went on "my trail" to the Hump!
    Well said.
    I wish more thought like you Tom.

    "Snowshoes for the integrity of the trail"!!!!!!
    Hello! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it... :D

    Regarding the snow - There was about 4 inches or so on my truck when I arrived back at Trudeau Rd... That being said, do be prepared for some ASTONISHING drifting. Rocket21 was up on North Twin the day before we went out, and his tracks blew in entirely overnight.

    Good luck on Saturday. I'm heading out to OH tomorrow, which should be interesting... ;)
    Hi Ron,
    We will be right behind you 4 of us climbing together and then splitting at the hut .
    Im going on to S Twin (Ive doen North and Galehead)
    1 wants N and S Twin.
    2 want Galehead and 1 of those needs both Twins but will be gassed .
    so maybe hell tag Galehead and do S Twin saving N Twin.
    Damn logistics huh? he he

    BMT is an elite Mntaineering group called Big Men in Tights
    soon to be VOMIT Very Old Big Men in Tights.
    My cell numer is

    Climbing Stallin/BMT
    Hi, yeah that's my plan. Starting at 8 with some folks from Rocks on Top. Another group is planning to do the loop starting at North Twin and I hope to hook up with them on the return (I'm doing it out and back on the Gale River Tr, saving North Twin for my 48th Winter Peak). I'm pretty slow, say just over 1 mph in winter, but if you want to join us, that's cool.

    So what's BMT stand for?

    Two to tangle, or tango, or react. The word you want isn't bihydrational it's bimolecular.
    Just that I turned around about 1/4 mile from the summit on a perfect day. My friend had strnge vibes on the backside about a year before and a waitress at Sugarloaf who hikes guessed which mountain we were talking about when she overheard us discussing
    a "bad vibe mt". Sorry but that's 3 people.

    Surely there are thousans who never had that vibe so I wouldnt worry
    Many of us have had "creepy" and unexplainable "bad vibes" on the approach.

    what do u mean? don't say that...that's kinda weird..
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