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  • Hey gooly! Nice meeting you the other day. Hope you can join us on a hike some time.
    im definately in for sunday. not sure on saturday yet. could be convinced to do a short hike on saturday with a late start........i kind of want to take advantage of some of this snow we will be getting this week at stowe.........sunday im 100% gonna be in whites (unless there is a storm)
    oh yeah, bring my usb cable and that wireless booster. thinking about getting rid of comcast
    what u thinking for saturday? long hike? short hike?
    IF i were to get to the whites it might not be until late morning saturday or saturday night.........
    waiting still. pete is trying to see if he can get some free time as well. i probably wont know until later in the week.
    make your plans and if im free ill meet up with ya!
    Definately getting out snowboarding, not sure about hikin. i could set aside one day for hiking, but prolly not an overnight--- wut u got in mind?
    gooly! hey, I'm just home and trying to get some hiking plans together. what you up to over next weekend?
    I'm thinking 8am...? A few people have expressed interest in the hike, so I'm thinking I'll post it as an open call. Hope you can join! :)
    gooly, you were on mansfield sunday?
    i could have sworn i saw "gooly" written in the snow with yellow-ish liquid, urine maybee?
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