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  • Woody, seems like nothing goes on here except potential rock climbs, between birthdays.
    Happy Birthday !
    Ice...coming to a theater near you......
    We'll get the gunks next time.
    I had a great time just being there!
    Kudo's to you, for bringing the grill and lantern !

    Next up, crow hill !
    Yes I'll be at Outlook on Wed...I have PT at 5:30 in Harvard then going straight there. Lets talk and figure time out to climb!1
    Hey Woody, I was thinking of crow hill the other day but figured it would be pretty wet!! Can't do the gunks this weekend...grandson's B day. Wanted to join the group though...Definitly up for climbing at crow or at the gym, let me know when works for you. I have PT Tuesday nites. Was at EMS yesterday and the girl was trying to fit my boots for the Alps...they were telling me what their Mountaineer guy does- Alan
    Happy Birthday Woody! Must be tough to decide between pie or cake and ice cream if you celebrate on the holidays!
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