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Dave Bear
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  • Dave it was my pleasure to meet you and Thor!! I think you'd be a great hiking partner...though Priscilla and I did work pretty hard to get over to Zealand parking on Rt. 302, it took an hour less to do it than in late summer...must be those rocks were not around!! Hope to see ya on the trails this year sometime...hike safe have fun Keith (Lefty E)
    Thank you !My hiking has been a crap shoot this winter,between car issues and having a teenage daughter! What days do you usually hike?by the way every time i see your name,i want to listen to the dead,lol...peace
    How is everything going? Wondered if you might like to get a hike in next Sunday March 25th. I am up for a single summit in the white's. Something under 7 miles, maybe. Also, I was curious if you have heard anything about the trip usually held in April with dinner and an overnight? Involving deep fried turkey's or ham. Recently held at Lonesome Lake Hut? Can't think of the name of it right now, but I have been with you a couple of times before. I would like to go if you are going. Talk soon. Love Chris
    Thanks, Dave Bear! It was great seeing you and Rick out there Saturday! Thanks for keeping Judy company at LW, too! She LOVES Thor! Did you get your snowshoes back yet?
    Hey there! I didn't realize you were a VFTTer when we met on the trail. I would have talked longer but standing under the dripping branch was losing its appeal. I'll likely post a few upcoming hikes --- maybe Kody & Thor can bag a few peaks together this winter!
    Thanks Dave. You always add so much to the potlucks. People love being served random bits of succulent meat. Great that your wife could come. I'm sending her a healing wish.
    good to hear the little man has all four back on the trails!
    i will let you know when we plan to hike Mt Pemi with Pemi, probably the last weakend in October, Looking forward to lots of little hikes this winter with the pups!
    you are so cool, Dave Bear. :) Have a GREAT time with your Mom Sunday! Wish I could take a hike with my Mom! Cherish the experience, as I know you will as only you can!
    Happy Birthday, Dave. 50th Huh? Been there a few years ago too.
    Sorry we couldn't attend the party on Cannon this time. Our vacation ended on Saturday and we headed home for Baltimore.
    Dave, your PM box is full...here's the message I was trying to send:
    Actually, I'm back in the hospital for more nasty stuff, but I was feeling great before I went back in. I'm figuring 5 months total before I rejoin the hiker ranks. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY HIKING, HAPPY GRILLING, and condolences to Thor. Run Thor run! You know, they make prosthetics for the boy dogs, though I don't think it keeps them romantic!:D --Audrey
    Clear out some of your PM's Your mailbox is full. I'll leave the headlamp on our front porch and you can collect it at your leisure. Or let us know when you plan to come by.
    just checked my messages and saw that you had written. It was very nice to meet you and your daughter as well at the Madison Spring Hut. What a great day it was.
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