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Jay H
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  • Remember the bump out in the field where 9N meets 73? We've decided to call it Hui's Hump! hahahahaha We're not sure if there has ever been a first ascent! :D
    I have rain gear and can get lights but it seems I would be a sweaty mess going to work inside the rain gear? I don't care what happens on the way home.
    We half to talk about how to handle the rain thing some time. I didn't ride this week. Am I being a wimp?
    We have a 2010 Outback here at work. My only major complaint is that roof rack. Other than that, it's pretty nice. Our '03 Subaru does seem to chew through tires but only 15 thousand is pretty ridiculous. I think we have some sort of BFGoodrich on it right now... Advantage T/A maybe? I had the Traction T/A on my old Subaru and they were pretty decent H rated tires. I've noticed a lot of Subarus up here have Cooper tires installed. May be worth looking into. Yokohamas tend to be popular here too.
    Western MA is pretty nice! I had a buddy who lived there for several years and I always enjoyed visiting. There is some nice hiking there and it's convenient to both VT and NY. Hope you enjoy it.

    Our '03 Subie is at 130,000 and still running pretty good. The only issue we've had was the transmission started to whine pretty bad at around 60k... Luckily fixed under warranty. Other than that it's been trouble free... although my wife really likes the new Outback... maybe next year.
    more like purple boxes in the hood.
    not sure if there are bugs in the hood yet!
    and your avatar is so, so devilish!
    I baught the bike at a downtown department store call "McCurdays", which I might add became part of one of the first enclosed malls in the country, for $65. I think it a steel frame and it is a 10 speed, friction shifter derailler? Sturdy bugger. I won't tell you how much weight it's carring but you should feel sorry for the bike.
    Well so far so good. Nice ride. Noisy! Car noisy. Kept the aerobic challange low. Walked the last few blocks to cool off. The ride home is up hill but I can veg out at home. I don't have a chance to ride to work until next Tues. I got company meetings. Lots of space at work. I'm encouraged and will take this one step at a time. It's been 38 years since I last bike commuted. Same bike!
    Hi Jay - I think you live near Franklin in Sussex County. I'm in the Franklin in Somerset County. So you're more likely to bump into me in the mountains of New York or England than in New Jersey. BTW, I like your twisted sense of humor. Steve

    I think it's going to be rough the first few times/weeks before it gets easy. I'm shooting for 2 x a week and then see how I feel and where it goes from there.

    I've put off the bike commution thing for a long time. I hope I can make it a life style change. It will be great for my health & fitness. The last time I commuted to work on bike I was in my early 20s.
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