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Jay H
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  • Hi Jay. We were interested, but unfortunately had some conflicts. :-( We were sorry to miss it! Hopefully we can see everybody next spring/summer. We plan on taking Norah out in the winter time, but just for easy walks, so we won't be able to make any hikes. Hope your Magic weekend was a lot of fun!
    Hey J

    I was up in the Catskills last month- went to geocache and to do a maintenance visit to "my" trail. I thought about you. Still doing the CO trail?

    I had a great time- saw very few people and did alot of brush work - cutting back the balsam and red fir. I left bruins causeway kinda overgrown and wild and wooly- just like I first saw it.

    Hey- you ever visit Bluestone Wild Forest? Great multi-use trail - biking hiking fishing camping. Only 4 miles west of Kingston with many unmarked old roads and trails. No big mountains- but there is a couple of ponds.
    uhh, so after the bizarro conversations you heard us having on Old Spec you'd still consider eating me?
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