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  • Went well, we did a 1 nighter between Russel Brook Road (off Morton Hill off 206) to Mary Smith Hill Road which is off Beaverkill Road by Lew Beach. it's part of the FLT and mostly snowmobile trails except for Bronk which was thick and briary. We camped at the Campbell Mtn Leanto though we didn't stay in the musky smelling leanto, we just sat there and made dinner there. It was fun, night sky watching is great out in the western cats, less light pollution and it's quiet. You can move pretty fast but there is a lot of ups and down. There's some really nice viewpoints on Mary Smith hill and I'd like to hike Middle Mtn someday to Little Pond and Big Pond.. Big Pond looks like a nice easy kayak too..

    Hi Donna, yes, I did a hike around Onteora Lake with Ralph Ryndak and Maddy once.. I got a flat on my Subaru on Rt 28 getting there though and had to drive all the way home on my donut.... nice place though.. It would make a very nice XC Ski...

    I'm still on the CO trail but I didn't do my spring thing til like June or something..... I am backpacking again in the western cats this weekend and was at sundown last for MAGIC..
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