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  • ha! yes, but far far away from mountains, i move to key west 3 years ago, but visit north a few times a year and get some mountain time, still lurk here a bit when i missing the alpine zone, or any wilderness for that matter. i've been tempted to post a bit lately.
    Thanks, Wu. And congrats on your NH48 finish, and on Jess's almost-finish. :) I'm not sure what the safety Nazis could possibly say...I had everything we needed for our planned overnight on my back, so it wasn't like the kids HAD to walk out. Could've stopped at anytime, so I left it up to them. I'm not into the controlling, "Because I said so even though there's absolutely no good reason for telling you no" parenting style, lol. I don't think kids respect that very much. :)
    I was just up there for Labor Day weekend, cannot get enough of the Whites! We did a mellow Kinsmans and Cannon hike on Saturday, then climbed at Rumney the other two days. I love Presi traverses, Pemi Loops and whatever other long hikes are up there so keep me posted :), thanks
    Ha ha just saw your comment! We had BARELY enough water. We had two filter pumps and refilled twice - once was out of a seep that accumulated into a puddle in the saddle between the two Wolfjaws. It was a hot day.
    So Give me Liberty or give me Wu002? Or is that Give me Wu002 or give me death?

    Either way, nice to see Bonds summit will look a bit more sensible.
    Thank you very much for the "greenie". All is forgiven!
    Looked into them when LRiz spoke so highly of them on her blog and have not been disappointed.
    Happy hiking!
    Not yet. I use them as hikers (2.5 - 3 miles an hour) but am thinking about the pemi loop so starting to do some trail running locally.
    Happy Happy Joy Joy !!! Freakin aces day down here. Hope you are enjoying yours !
    You thinking of trying your hand at the winter 4K speed record too? :p You ANIMAL!....that has to easily require 1000 beers. You carrying all that at once or resupply? ;)
    :D yeah, man, these people are just not thinking 4th dimensionally! Why doesn't anyone have a story that fits her scenario? Because they're either a freakin miracle and are doing book signings right now or they're dead.
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