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  • i believe the actual quote was ''why do you need water? we climbing or drinking?'' since then it's had various evolutions. hehe.
    Thanks for the green! I actually hit a milestone this morning. I am now under 200lbs for the first time in 15 years. WOW what a feeling! Congrats on your weight loss as well.
    Thanks for the kind words and the greenie. It was a remarkable day. Lost the trail twice briefly on the Jewell above the treeline in the fog but each time I was able to find another cairn and continue on. The great reward came when we cleared the clouds and had the undercast.
    Happy B Day, Dude ! Hope you're out enjoying ! We're enjoying the remnants of a tropical storm here today.
    Ahh, okay. It's a cool picture, I'm glad they keep using it. It really captures the body and facial reactions of a poor self-arrest, haha!
    hey, isn't that avatar from the 1978 edition of Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills?
    Per below, YOU DON'T??? :)
    Well, that's very good news.

    Originally Posted by una_dogger
    Yes, I would LOVE to earn my turns and escape to backcountry stashes -- however, I think I need a season or two more experience before I take the plunge to Telemark.

    Ya know... you don't HAVE to telemark to get into the backcountry... ya know
    Alright....I had my first pair of Nepal Tops like 15 years ago. Don't forget this is New England.:)
    I have the B2s with Alpine binding and just switch the sole for the standard sole. Honestly... I haven't switched it too much since I've been skiing mostly on my Havocs and now I've been getting on my BD Stigmas (with Dynafits) to try to get used to them. Loved the B2s but I just don't ski that fast or "hard" to justify using them anymore :)
    When you use your B2's do you use an Alpine or AT binding. If the former have you been switching out the AT sole for the standard DIN sole. Just wondering how the screw holes in the sole of the boot are holding up if you are switching soles back and forth.
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