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  • Hey...thanks for the greenie. I love that picture on Pitchoff. Before we took it we checked to see if anybody had ketchup in their pack...would have been awesome to smear some on Tom's neck and on the saw.
    happy birthday Adam, and I never forgot that i owe you pics from winter trips a few years back...it's in a portable back up hard drive that one day I'll figure it out..
    That's the same time we're going to be at Random Scoots. Hoping to get either Allen or Basin before that trip. Then finish with two hike, preferring Gray/Skylight for our finish.
    Hey buddy, thanks for the green! I'll call you when we decide to go for Allen -- we'd love to have you along! Maybe next weekend (June 18 or 19) if the weather is looking good. When are you going to Jersey?
    Thank you. It seems this crowd didn't find the thread very interesting...that's right no one got hurt, lost or rescued. :rolleyes::p:D
    Pretty well, I hope to finish the NEHH in the next couple weeks. Plan to do it on Mansfield. That would also finish the NE67 for me.
    Hey Adam, please check out Grouse King's recent TR. Lots of memories!

    Hope you are doing well. I have been sidelined with a torn ligament and a meniscus tear that I got from running. Am trying to rehab without surgery. Hoping to get to the point where I can hike again. Getting there.

    Hope we get to meet some day!

    26 to go. I'm doing 20+ min of stairs and steps several times a week to get ready for some multy day and peeks trips. This flat walking and up hill treadmill stuff is nice but steps seem to strengthen my legs and joints better. Someday I'll be running. OMG!!!
    Thanks for the greenie! I heard that one of this year's 46er trail projects was to go in and scrape all the slime off of the Allen slide on July 30. Just in time for our hike. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
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