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  • Thanks for the B-day congrats!
    Was drinking a few Brooklyn's last night. It's so good to be back hahaha
    Hopefully sometime in February, can't wait! Save some work for us to help with! Happy holidays! That was a funny pic you posted of the boys with the smily faces.
    Happy Birthday, Stud ! When can you get to NH ? I haven't hiked since we bought the place, but I'm almost done with the work.
    I'm a worry wart, thx anyway..I'm waiting for Neil to post winter dates so i can go. Gotta figure out a tennis elbow problem that I aggravated while using my poles a few weeks ago, never ends with injuries.
    Thx Cath, funny you mention Silverfox, thought about him a few days ago, very weird....I joked with my wife about putting price tags on my gear just in case, will help pay college bills.....sorry to hear about ACL replacement if you needed it...going into city today to sleep over, going to have yucky weather today, and they said not to worry about the rash I developed after last weeks camping trip, which is a really weird story better saved for another time. Guess you just found out I like to talk...have fun hiking..CF
    Best of luck with the knee replacement !!! If you happen to get bummed during the early stages of the recovery period, just remember this, it is much shorter than an ACL replacement ! And, look at Silverfox and how much fun he's been having since he had his knee replaced ~
    Great weekend so far, bit tiring with parties last 2 nights...met a p/t last night and she showed me some simple stretching exercises, will begin today...thx ...happy holidays...39 days to go...
    Thx Chip...wife got me a surprise party going on soon......also got my Osprey pack that my daughter hid from me for almost a week!
    Maybe we can have a big camping groups and folks have a few different paddling choices...that's what usually happens at the hiking gatherings...we all get to hang out at a campfire...a very BIG campfire
    David...about a paddling gathering...the big issue seems to be group size and what's the legal number at a single campsite. Does it have to be in the Adirondacks? What about those islands off of Connecticut we've been meaning to check out? Or is that too hard core you think?
    yes, that morning was pretty cold...like maybe -15F?....My knee was hurting and I had to cxl one of the peaks...had the knee rescoped in May...who know why but that and losing weight has gotton me a few more peaks this winter....hope all is well...se u on the trails!
    Hey Coldfeet!! Congrats on getting Lone & Rocky on 1-25-10! I was just catching up reading some posts and saw that you got these two. Those two can be lots of Fun!!. You probably don't remember me, I met you in the Indian Head (?) parking lot in am before a hike. Your party was going one towards Indian Head I believe and we were going to Twin. It wa a very cold morning and you guys were cooking breakfast!!. Anyways, congratulations again. Andy
    Thx Chip....to tell u the truth, my feet were cold in school this am......got new marmut champ pants today, thought they would be a little warmer.....maybe that's good..........
    CF...How's everything going! Hope to hook up soon for some easy hiking or paddling.
    2 more days!!!
    Heading to BLM this weekend. Stop buy...easy hike from Mill Brook Road.
    Haven't been on website in a while....hope your vaca was good....mine starts today...getting scoped next Wed...beer good....
    CF, How's everything! Been meaning to call you. Will do asap. Hope knee is ok. Scoping soon, right? Hudson Beer night? I'll drive!
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