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  • I'm trying a new greenie.

    Thank you marty, you too! Planning is half the fun, and that Ultimate series is the best guides for Islands!
    thanks Marty..things go pretty good..it was quite a winter and congrats on your hikes as well..see you next week ..amc thing
    Thanks Marty. Poor Pat had a bad cold and I showed him no mercy, I was feeling so good!
    Thank you so much for the green square, Marty! It was wonderful to run into you on Owls Head this past weekend... :D
    Hi Marty -- I read that you hiked the Twins and Galehead today. Did you notice any blowdowns or trail maintenance issues on the N Twin Trail?
    Thanks and Happy New Year!
    Hey Marty!

    By the way....the answer to your question is I had some old Coleman snowshoes and a mutual VFTT friend kindly reminded me I should update...which I did....got me some Active Fit Tubbs! :)

    Happy Hiking!
    Thank you, Marty, for your kind words and support (and green spot) with regard to the loss of our beloved dog, Tuckerman. Your support for our family at this terrible time means a very great deal to us, please know. We deeply appreciate it.
    Thanks, Marty! I've been really lucky to have had several great hikes this summer, but this may have been the best! So far... 8 )
    Hey Marty, Thanks for the Greenie, and your comments. It's a topic many of us need to face eventually.
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