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  • I'm trying a new greenie.

    Glad you enjoyed the Redrock report! That was a long day, but I am so glad I made myself do it. One of the most beautiful spots in the Whites I have ever been to - I started feeling all poetic like those old guide book authors. Next time I go there I'm going to try a shortcut down the slide from the Twinway - should be interesting.
    Will do. They are a great group to work with. Very easy going and lots of knowledge on trailwork.
    No dissuading from having more than one trail. I have 3 with the Forest Service. Lots of folks have them through both AMC and the Forest Service. Not to mention the Chatham trails association (Evans Notch) and other groups that have adopt a trails. Thanks for your work!!
    Thanks! Yesterday while online I located the name of the lawyer who successfully defended the 17 year old boy who was fined $25,000.Will call her tomorrow. Julie
    Hi! I'm the woman who was rescued from Jackson end of March. Just got a bill from Fish & Game for $7,000! can you recommend a lawyer in New Hampshire? Julie
    Thanks for the greenie. Btw appreciate your whitney comments in the other thread, that's one of our next tragets!
    Good cleaning water bars with you Saturday - thanks for the link. I borrowed a firerake in the meantime.

    Are you volunteering through the Forest Service for trail work? If so there is an axe training coming up in June.
    Hey Greg,
    unfortunately, we cannot. Would love to be there. Hope you have a great time and that our paths cross soon.
    It's an added joy to me when I hear people have been helped by this book. Thank you.
    yeah, you should check it out. was pretty impressed with it. the old waterbury wings was not so fantastic. one of the best beer selections (ok, definately the best) in the area. enjoy
    Thanks for the greenie - its true, this has been the adventure of my life, and I'm lovin' every minute of it :)
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