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  • Thanks for the "green" Chris! The cartoon drawings in the snow that I photographed on the Crawford Path last year were very entertaining. I couldn't wait to turn the next bend to see what was next! Don't know how the "artist" was. Probably never will!

    Thanks for the greenie. It was definitely a spectacular weekend - couldn't have asked for better. Glad you enjoyed the blog post.
    LOL! I was thinking those handy canvas totes for firewood would make nice lumber wrap - handles. Kinda like being pole-bearers. :)
    Go for it! It would be a mellow day if you could exploit our (or anyone's) tracks.
    Thanks for the greenie!
    Thanks for the greenie and your positive comments. I really enjoy hiking The Wildcats from PNVC via WRT. The climb to Wildcat E is real fun. I hope you can get to it while there is still plenty of color to enjoy along the way.

    I noticed today on Google Earth that you have a photo from that hidden ledge above Zeacliff Bond. The winter route we followed (bushwhacked) from Guyot to Zealand stumbled across that ledge - what a pleasant surprised that was. There is a photo in my TR (two photos, actually) for Bonds/Zealand.

    Thanks for the greenie, NeoAkela. The artifacts in my photos are on a ledge between RT113 and the Wild River just north of where 113 crosses Evans Brook on a bridge. It is just south of the northern Roost trailhead (where I parked). They were pretty easy to find.
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