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  • Thank you for the greenie, RickB! Hope you got out to Owlie before the next snowfall, if that was your plan! :)
    I've gotten pushed east of the trail both on the way up and down in poor visibility, but it does look obvious in good weather....
    Thanks I do agree with you. While good points have been made all around, I was hoping to raise a certain awareness of the importance of being able to trust each other. I certainly appreciated your comments.
    thank you for the positive feedback! it's all about earning food and beverage credits.
    Yes he had Bicknell's. when I did the route I had them on most of the spots (at least 3 out of 5) I did have a problem with a porcupine at site #3. I had started my timer to begin listening and counting and noticed a porcupine waddleing toward me. I was afraid that he might come to close and then get startled and swat me with his tail...I stomped the ground to get his attention. He looked at me and then kept coming. I had to yell to scare him. He ran down the trail toward site #4 with me a distance behind him. I might have missed a yellow rumped or two during all of this. BTW nesting spruce grouse have been reported there. One ran out in front of me.

    Sound like you know that ridge like the back of your hand. I made the mistake of running out of water.
    When are you doing the survey?
    let me know how you do with the Starr King route. I covered it a few years back. It was my friend's who has a travel schedule that forced him to give it up. There are a lot of good birds on that stretch.

    If you want to continue on that ridge for a peak bagging trip make sure you have water. There is none on the ridge once you past the spring beore Starr King
    Thank you for the green square! I hope I don't have to retreat from Iso again! 2 retreats in a week makes me feel like a Confederate or something!
    Jay snowshoed all the way down, so it made a nice track for everyone on the weekend!
    Thanks for the greenie!
    Great job on the trip report! I'm glad we have had a lot of snow these past two winters. Reminds me of the old days!
    Thanks for the greenie and nice words about Neko, she was an amazing cat. This Sunday will be the 1 year anniversary since I lost her, I missed her everyday.
    Hi Rick,

    THanks for your message.

    You know, I didn't think to notify the trail maintainers...sorry! Next time I will immediately upon my return.

    However, that blowdown added greatly to the excitement of the hike, at least for us...seriously. Climbing through all the branches was fun.
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