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  • Thanks for the green square, HuiYeng!

    Nice pictures from the hike! Is there any way I can download some of them for my own collection?
    it was awesome to meet you folks on NoBro the other day. thanks for the great company. hope to scurry along behind you again someday. :>
    Let me know anytime you'd like to come over and climb... you got a place to stay and possibly a partner if I'm free ;)
    Thanks for the greenie!

    It was an intense day for sure! I'm not entirely sure I'd go again if I knew then what I know now! I know it was "only" a 40 degree snow climb, but I was so aware of the exposure that I couldn't really enjoy myself until I topped out.... then it was a blast! :)
    Damn! I think I'm going to volunteer to knit Atti a sweater then, but there's no freakin' way I can finish it by the time of the TV filming on 2/18. It's going to have to be a long-term endeavor! Maybe it can be for his future TV appearances- Atti is way more marketable than Michael Phelps right now!
    I just love your kitty's picture! We lost ours after 20+ years. So sad. We are going to adopt a new cat later this year.
    hey, we need someone to cook for us this weekend, what are you doing?
    still out west?
    Does that mean that you'll have dinner ready for everyone after we're finished hiking or skiing :)
    LOL, I'm done hiking, now I'm all domesticated learning to knit, quilt, bake and cook, go Martha!
    i love knitting!
    i actually just finished makind you some booties and mittens for your christmas present!! maybee you can wear them while hiking the ADK's with me, that is if you ever come back to new england
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