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Jason Berard
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  • 40 axes!? wow! You'll appreciate this story! When I was walking on davis path for the birdwatch thing a couple weekends back, there were some VERY LARGE CHIPS that obviously the chopper was quite proud of, as they were displayed along the trail propped up in trail-side trees for all to admire :) Talk about chips you could put in a woodstove! These were huge!
    I now have close to 40 :eek: axes. My excuse is that I use them. I had great luck this year at the Brimfield Fair - picked up 5 - none over $15 a piece.

    Let me know if you need any single bit handles. I've got some local ash handles from Windy Ridge. I've also had some good luck with House Handle Co. (online). Their 28"-30" single bit axes handles are pretty nice. In the notes section, you can request octagonal shaping and no lacquer.

    Hope all is well. Heard praise about you from Hal (trailwrights) at axe training this year. Hope your job is working out. Sounds like a great gig. I liked on facebook.
    Jason, thanks for the greenie. I hope we'll keep going, at least for a while longer.
    It was fantastic! Partial undercast as we got above tree-line, but soon burned off. It was HOT! Most of the snow is gone, but still plenty of ice between the rocks making it pretty treacherous. Thanks, see you at the Awards!
    Sorry it didn't work out that we could finish together, but glad you're done and hoping I will be soon! Thanks for the positive energy!
    Thanks for the "green" Jason! I'm continually amazed at the "stuff" one finds in the woods when travelling off-trail.
    We WERE all in it together, and I am sure that helped many of us get through! It was great hiking with you, and everybody! Thanks for helping to make it a birthday I'll never forget! Oh yeah, and don't forget me when it's time to do the Northern Presis!
    thanks Jason. life is going well back down in mass thanks! you still planning on a presi traverse this winter? a few of us are talking about doing one in feb as a prelude to a pemi loop if you'd like to join up for a hike!
    thanks for the green. Found a place for axe handles (ash not hickory). Windy River in Tamworth (on RT 25 just after intersection with RT 16). Only open during the week til 5:30pm I think. Nice single bits, straight grain ash, lots of lengths. Know personal preference is everything but might be worth checking out if you are in the area.
    I should be giving you greenies for posting the pictures that I enjoy so much! Thank you!
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