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  • Great to see you and Pat on Saturday. Dinner smelled delicious. Hope you... no, totally expect you had a great time.
    Thanks Audrey. Sometimes it may seem like we're running in circles but there really is a plan.

    I hope you're back out there as you want to be soon.
    Thank you Audrey! It is always a great experience! Stay tuned, some night shots last night and an undercast sunrise this morning! Will post soon...
    No digression just anticipation. Unfortunately we are off to a slow start as my season began on Oct. 9th last year. But in the big picture it will be here soon enough.
    Thanks for your concern. We were extremely lucky to come out the way we did. We've seen many moose in our 20 years of vacationing in NH and Maine; this will be the most memorable. We too felt so bad for the moose.
    Audrey, thank you so much for your kind words, and the green spot, in the Tuckerman topic. Your support at this terrible time means a very, very great deal to us, please know. We deeply appreciate it.
    Thanks for the green and the advice. She's getting there... Patience is the key.
    Thank you Pat and Audrey! I am glad that there are people like you two out there that care enough to read what I sometimes pour out!
    That is so awesome!!!! 10 miles is super!! Sure hope things are still going strong for your total recovery back to doing all you want to do!!!
    Thanks for the greenie and compliment Audrey! This greenie I am very proud of! I still send healthy wishes for you...the trails are waiting to see your smile on them again!!!
    Thanks for the greenie, Audrey! They were very cute together. Just impossible to hike with unless separated, lol.
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