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  • Nice to meet you. I guess I should have checked my son's friend's gear ahead of time. I assumed he was equiped. It was definitely the right thing to do as his face was still red when we got home. It was a learning experience for all.
    Thanks for the Greenie. Last paragraph of the post is obviously in jest. Having served as a scout in the infantry for three years I feel pretty strongly about the quote of my fellow military brothers.
    Thanks for the green square. In the end it was simple - I would not have wanted to be stranded at the Sawyer River Road trailhead with a flat. I needed to help if I could but it was still upsetting to see their lack of respect for the property of others.
    Many thanks for the green spot, Stash. I agree with you: not using available technology, especially small, lightweight tech like a cellphone, for safer hiking makes no sense.
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