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Tom Rankin
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  • Hello Tom Rankin. I seem to remember an event that you organized 10 years back celebrating Grace's completion of the Adirondack 46 high peaks. I was wondering if you were gonna do it again, in 2017? I signed up for Marshall, back then. And I want to participate in 2017. Woodstrider
    Hello Tom. That "amicus" might have been me (e.g., if it said "amicus stinks"), but I didn't write it. Glastenbury has been on my too-hike list for a long time, but my visits to Vermont are infrequent. My own little messages are usually in Latin. Vale!
    Thanks Tom! - you read my mind. I thought I was in "Trip Reports" but wasn't paying attention! :)
    Thanks. It means a lot especially coming from one of my favorite posters!
    Thanks for the green back on 4-20![no pun meant here,I do have a kid in high school]Try the new hoptimum beer if you can,its great at 10%Good job this past winter,you really tore up the trails here in the whites.....
    Thank you! Mike and I have had some conversations over the years that haunt me. Mostly because of the questions I ask, but also because talking about some of the ghosts that haunt him is "therapy" in his words. I wish everyone could talk to him about some of the accidents he has seen on the mountain over the years. There would be a lot fewer...
    Thanks! I'm glad to have it done! I'll tell you what though, you guys had an impressive list you did in a flurry! Nice job getting in under the wire!
    Thank you! Valley Way is broken out ;-) - it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow - Sunday and Monday may be a challenge with so few trails broken, fresh snow under whatever falls tomorrow. I'm committed to cabot Sunday...Monday - nothing planned :)
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