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David Metsky
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  • Yes, it shows up at the top of the screen. Good enough for someone who uses the board every day. Thanks.
    Hi Dave,
    I am a new member, and just tried to post a trip report. After getting to the form, and composing a lengthy trip report, when I hit the "submit thread" button, I got a notice that I was not logged in. What am I doing wrong, and can the message be retrieved ( I kept getting an autosave message)?
    Hi Dave! Are you still the go to man for new members? If so, a friend of mine, Paul Goundrey is interested in joining. I'd be glad to sponsor him. His email is:

    [email protected]

    Edit: Just read about all that's going on. I'll tell Paul it may be a while. Thanks again!
    Hi dave,it looks like I put my east osceola trip report in the site help instead of new hampshire trail conditions,can I switch it?..sorry for the mistake....thanks
    Happy Birthday, Stud ! I hope to one day follow you up and down Tucks. Hopefully you spent your afternoon in the mountains and not in traffic, like me.
    Happy Birthday David, thanks for your efforts on behalf of this site...info, I have a cousin Lee Gallant Dartmouth Grad think 1972..he used to hike and fish with me!! Course you are much younger..!
    I would like to sponser Sasha Learnard as a new member. We've hiked together a number of times and I recommend him. He listed 3 possible user names in case any of them are taken 1)Red Oak 2)hikerbro 3) hikerdude007. His email address is [email protected]. Thanks.

    Purely out of curiosity, I see that the video of the fellow sliding down the steep snow has been made sticky. It's a good video, and I passed it on to our Glacier Crossing workshop leaders, but it's not that great a video. Again, I'm not challenging you or anything, but why was that one made permanent through being sticky?

    Are you going to order stuff or not? Time is running short. See my post.

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