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Lefty E
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  • Yeah! Cabot!! That was awesome! Nice report, though you didn't take much credit for 3 miles of trailbreaking yourself ;)
    Lefty, Pleasure finally meeting you out at the Bonds last week! Was a perfect weekend to enjoy a very special place. Really wish I had the energy to camp up with the views some winter!
    yes hope to meet a few more hiking "legends!!" of course hikerEd and I are not related but my mother's maiden name was Hawkins when I told him that he got a kick out it!! only met him a couple of times over the years..same with John and Wolfgang..wind chill bad today i took the day off..
    Hi, no problem, we know the Cats very well, and the ADKs fairly well, having done the 46 2x with a Winter round thrown in for good measure.
    Great question, Lefty! I am about to debut my new(to me) Karhu's and I wondered the same thing.
    Hey!! Glad to see you made it! Sweden was a blast...........cold blast..........but a blast! Time to hit the trails again after all the butter and sweet cream of Scandanavia! ha ha! See you out there! :) Michelle
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