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  • thank you Mountain49 for the kind words on your Osseo trail conditions, but all credit goes to the 4 of us. Couldn't be done without evrybody's efforts!
    I was taking a rock climbing class this weekend, and the instructor (major NH SAR guy) was saying less-than-complementary things about the NHF&G fine policy - he was talking about what an utter travesty is was that the woman who got rescued from Jackson last winter was getting billed 7 grand when in his words "she did everything right". I totally agreed with him, of course.

    Has there been a final resolution? You can add me to the "mad as heck" list if they didn't dismiss it.
    Just wondering how your case went. Hoping to hear it was dismissed as nonsense. Best, Ellen
    Glad to read that you were prepared with rain gear, even if you didn't use it. Haven't hiked that loop for a while, but clearly remember where you got confused, as I always do, too. I always as this of people who hiked that loop: Did you see the circle carved in the rock before you head into the woods, counterclockwise coming down?
    Oh my...I read earlier today that was someone was charged, I hoped it wasn't you. I do know a few, not sure of their specialities. I will ask around.
    Hope you are well..yesterday I was visiting down south and did S Pack Monadnock from Peterborough via Cranberry Meadow Pond Tr. to Raymond Trail to summit..view was ok to the west, east and south (Boston skyline) but not north...oh well I ve been there before where I could see Mt. Wash and Boston at the same time!! thanks for the request, we hope to meet you sometime...Lefty E (Keith)
    We hiked the Webster-Jackson trail to Jackson almost exactly a year ago. We lost the trail several hundred yards from the top and bush whacked climbers right to the Webster Cliff trail. I can imagine it could be very difficult to retrace your steps in high winds in this area. Any hike has the possibility of a unexpected night out. It sounds like you handled it well!
    Hello and glad you are safe!!! You did well to spend the night in the howling wind, and it must have taken a lot of discipline..glad you took some layers!! Regards Lefty E
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