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  • Hello - thanks for the response. Glad to know there are others out and about that have slowed down. I actually hiked with Julie a couple of weeks ago - we did Pierce - I had done Moosilauke three days prior and it was a slow go for me that Saturday - we drove up together but that was about the only time we spent together. Nice hike tho.
    I try to make it pretty clear when I say 1 mph that is truly what I hike I am SLOW. But if you want to give it a shot let me know - I do some mid week hikes and try for Saturday. Mid week days vary.
    Catherine ([email protected])
    Thanks for the input on places to paddle. I have indeed found the Shawsheen challenging in the past :D . The Ipswich has always seemed like it would be equally as challenging due to low water levels particularly during summer. The Topsfield/Danvers area isn't far, though, so I might just check it out at some point. Thank you again.
    I just got your message! I was fined $7,400 minus $500 I'd donated after being rescued! I appealed the fine, using a lawyer, and lost. Then had to pay the lawyer $1700!!
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