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  • Thanks! It always seems I'm stickin' my foot in my mouth on these boards, but intelligent people usually get what I'm tryin' to convey!
    bcborder - Thanks for your nice comment on my photos. Gracie, Salty, and I hope to meet you and Becker out on the trail someday.
    Thanks for the feedback on my trip reoport. I always hope that they are useful to someone. I have gathered so much good information from this board and it's great to be able to give back.

    I actually did Carter Dome via the Bog Brook, Rainbow Trails last summer. The Rainbow Trail is a real gem. I can still picture that wonderful birch grove.

    I love the Element so far. I haven't really tested it much in the snow yet. The clearance seems decent but not as good as some other bigger SUVs. I have been hiking mainly in the Whites so I have had few chances to try it out on the really rough roads.

    Thanks for jumping on board...no pun intended :)A split board is nothing I have ever tried but would like to. I've seen people skin with them and their like Spiderman:cool: I have also heard people complain about a bit of torsional flex...has that gotton any better? By the way it's dumping in my backyard!
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