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Bill and Sheep
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  • Thanks for the positive feedback on the Tripyramids/Whiteface/Passaconaway hike report. It is really appreciated.
    Maybe we could meet at 8:00 ish. We're bound to make better time then the larger group. I agree with your comments about making good time. When we did Vose Spur this spring, we met up with a women doing Carrigain via Desolation Trail and we met up with her again coming down from Carrigain on way back out. She made good time considering it was 3 miles longer. I might camp in back of my Honda Pilot at TH. Feel free to post something inviting early birds.
    I'm thinking of joining this excursion. I would be interested in doing the Desolation route. Might be good idea to avoid the columbus day weekend crowds for part of the hike. Plus I've never done it and have always wanted to try it. Rainfall for Friday sounds relatively light so stream crossings shouldn't be too bad. Only problem is it would be 8.4 miles to summit vs 5.0 miles for main group. Liable to miss most of the party.
    I appreciate the positive reputation vote, but I think you meant to give the greenie to masshysteria. ;-)
    Many thanks for the green spot, Bill (and Sheep). Both Tuck and I look forward to meeting both of you out on the trail soon.
    Thanks for the TR on Black Angel trail. I'd like to hike it my with dog Becker even though he's already been on Carter Dome via a loop hike via the Bog Brook, Rainbow and Wildcat River trails from Carter Notch Road. I highly recommend this loop and you won't see many people on at least the Bog Brook, Rainbow trail part of it.

    Anyhow, I have Honda Element envy. I'd like a car I can easily sleep in. How do you like your Element? How does it handle in the snow? How about clearance on rough logging roads?

    Thanks for any info you can give, PM if you want.

    Thanks - John P.
    Sheep Rocks!

    Hello Bill and Sheep. Welcome to Views from the Top. Was happy to see you out here and I look forward to running into you guys on the trail.

    Tom (& Atticus)
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