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Puma concolor
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  • Thanks for the greener. Don't be surprised though if the link gets nuked. Go Bruins
    thanks for the green. I enjoy documenting my walks in the woods (and I get paid to walk, too!). I wish my pics were as good as others on here, but what I lack in skill, I hope I make up for with enthusiasm!
    Well, I didn't think you were a jerk, just uninformed, which is totally different, right? I've had Lyme symptoms for about 10 years and have had that confirmed by blood work several times that I have the bacteria in my system and that it hasn't gone anywhere with three years of antibiotics. But I do appreciate your kind words.
    Thanks for the greenie. I am admittedly a bit paranoid on the topic as I am ill and my bllod numbers say it is/has been Lyme.
    Oh yeah, I might be the president of that club, yeah, or was it the exaggerators' club? Good one!
    Thanks for the greenie. BTW, my 3-yr. old granddaughter is currently looking for pumas when she hikes with me or family on the trails behind her house. On Saturday, I was on the East Pond Trail and came across a puma. It was a logo'd sock, but I had to laugh out loud!
    Thanks for the Greenie...just trying to keep it in perspective before the ambulance chasers come out of the woodwork.
    Thanks for the greenie and the well-wishes! I think I read about your Wheeler adventures on SummitPost..?
    Hi. Thanks for the greenie. We've been having a great time. Off to South Carolina tomorrow to get that high point. Will pick up Delaware on the way back north.
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