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  • "I don't want to be the topic of a news article and accident analysis on VFTT." This was definitely in the back of mind when I had my slip up on the Moats. :)
    I'm trying a new greenie

    Maddy, the reputation system has been shut off. It was the #1 request I heard "after Darren" who was the primary person who wanted it in the first place.
    Thanks for the Greener. Keeping my eye on the whole Everest thing as a friend of mine is attempting his sixth time to the summit this year. Can you imagine??
    I think so! But seriously, I am surprised that so many people would give a "do it" message for people to hike Washington in winter when they don't know the people. She has posted before, so folks may be familiar with all that she and her husband have hiked, but she seems to ask a lot of amature questions. And nothing is known about the friend. It takes more than an experienced hiker to climb George in winter. Thanks for the greenie, Maddy.
    Lauky thanks you for the green Maddy. You know, sooner or later we should run into each other out there.
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