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  • Hi Karen -- can I respond to these visitor messages here? Or am I supposed to go to your page? I am not very good at this stuff.

    We made it! 16 hours of hiking, slippery in spots, but Dejah bagged # 43, 44, 45 and 46. Trip report coming soon. Thanks for checking!
    Wowser (Nancy)
    Nancy, I met Elaine at the AMC winter skills program this past weekend and she was a little worried about your bonds traverse do to the weather. I thought I would check in a see how you guys made out/
    did the trip report get deleted ? I feel bad. I just made a positive comment about GPS use this afternoon there.
    Nancy,enjoyed your recent post!:) Generally speaking its nice to know where you are within 1/4 to 1/2 mile and how to get where your going but its nice to wander the woods a bit at the same time. As a typical guy would say " I 'm not lost just going somewhere I haven't been before!" I do also respect and take direction from all creeds and sexs if they are honest! And Sabrina, who says you can't get to Black Pond over Osseo's rump!;) We found some real beautiful woods with only slight elevation gain.:cool:
    Right On Dave Bear!(and he has first hand knowledge of me at my breaking point on a bushwack that just coincidentally involved bad weather and good people!)
    No worries! It will be fun...and torturous at the same time. I'm not sure if I'll be able to plan to hike Vose before the Sawyer River Rd closes -- hopefully it will stay open into December, because my calendar is booked until the second weekend at the earliest--if not, do you have cross country skiis??
    I hope you mention when you plan to go out to Vose Spur again. I think it could be a fun trip with the right group of people no matter what the weather brings! Right Sabrina?;)
    Don't give up! You'll get there! Topics like Vose Spur seem to bring out the worst in some!
    And...I was serious...I need Vose Spur as well, and was hoping to get there soon! So, I'm looking for whacking partners for that one, if you are up for giving it a try again in the near future!
    Happy Trails!
    You keep on posting..your honesty and humor are what makes the forum worthwhile..I have been on hikes with vftt ers and some of your posts have come up in conversation...good work..keep it up..not everyone has a happy life........
    Not to worry, shed the negative attitude and comments like you did the rain! No one came to this earth from the womb with a trail map in they're head. Sorry they are done with the learning curve, as well as the teaching aspect.:( Keep an ear to the ground though, in the wake of the negative comes alot of good info and insight for future hikes! By the way, you have miles of elevation and trail time over myself and others.:cool: Keep enjoying the path carefully!:)
    i'm with Bob C and Mad River..its all about having fun in the woods..while I do post reports it amazing the negative comments sometimes..some folks really think they are "Senior Member" with some attitude means you are better than everyone else....have fun..explore..want to be friends?
    Sorry you had to put up with such negative crap after your very honest post. This is why I don't put up any trip reports on VFTT and mostly post on Rocksontop. Maybe it's just that there are less people over there and so less chance of finding jerks.
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