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  • Thank you for the green square! This is perhaps my one Jimmy Stewart/Mr. Smith Goes to Washington moment. :)
    I saw the trip report from Mountain 49! We got a late start, around 11:00. A man coming down said there were a few groups ahead of us, and later, on the ledges, a few passed us. Wasn't it a beautiful day to be out! Funny thing: on the ledges we picked up two water bottles. One was advertising from Go Lite, though it didn't say "Go Lite, Leave Your Waterbottle Behind."
    It would have been nice to meet you four.
    I really can't say enough good stuff about the rogue hoe. It's priced about the same as a hazel hoe. Can I ask - did you break the handle on your axe? I did that last year on a large hemlock. I can recommend the Gransfors brand of axes. They are pricey but quality. I use an American felling axe. Lots of old axes on ebay. I've learned how to put handles on axes so it's allowed me to make some nice ones.
    I'd be up for BW'g from Dickey to Tecumseh anytime. Might be nice to do it 4/25 even.

    Ray (Jazzbo)
    Thanks, Rick. I am sorry I didn't get that picture, by the way. Just didn't think it appropriate under the circumstances, lol.
    Hi MadRiver, I sent you a friendship request. I'm trying to pretend like I'm younger and more hip to the internet "friend" thing (a la Facebook).
    Thanks for the greenie and the encouragement, and a super congratulations on your winter 48. Three years, huh? That's something to shoot for! I will NOT, however, wear a kilt!
    Great! Conratulations! Looking forward to the report/essay! I wish Gene and pals would do something with those essays. As I posted in that ADK thread last month, the last time I talked to Gene, he was storing the essays in his bathtub. Gee, that's a real incentive to get typing, eh?
    Tripyramids? Well? We're all waiting.... You're not stuck in the parking lot are you?

    Oh, never mind, I just checked your last post and it was from last night.

    Hey, congratulations!
    Hey, if your kilt brand is "Sportkilt," it tends to absorb water like a sponge. I can see where that would be a problem. That's why the material is very important. The non-Scottish looking hiking kilts (REI, Mountain Hardware, etc.) are much more water resistant, but much less flouncy! (Holy cow! I haven't heard about anyone getting red squares in a coon's age!)
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