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  • You are most welcome. If your post generates at least some thought on the part of people who are now on the sidelines on this issue, that will be a good thing. If Northern Pass comes to be built as it is currently planned, a lot of folks will kick themselves -- too late -- to have gotten involved. Public complacency is the best friend of Northern Pass.
    Thanks for the green. Right now my Crocs are sitting on the shelf kind of lonesome waiting for a "call up." :) Not sure when that will happen.
    Gee, I wonder, if I put him on my ignore list, will most threads suddenly become several pages shorter! Lol! Thx and see ya next weekend!!!!
    This year will be so special. Has it really been ten years? I keep thinking that. It seems like yesterday. I must be getting old!
    Thanks Brian. Every time I hike with you it's a good time. Looking forward to the next one.
    Of course! I mean, he did say "I'm not going up" and "suck". I enjoy giving serious answers to asinine questions, kinda takes the wind out of their sails. Of course, I *hate* having my posts deleted by moderators without notifying me they've done so. @#$%'s.
    Actually after I sent that, I then wondered if you were talking about someone else. There's probably someone named Steve that hikes and drives a Highlander.
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