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  • Heck yeah! Thanks for the green. The Washington/Monroe/Iso hike is definitely one of my favorites... :)
    Hey, it's the other guys who should be showing off! They are amazingly fast... don't know how I managed to survive. :)

    Thanks for the green!
    Jeffersontonnnnnnn... the elusive peak. I shall find it someday. Thanks. ;)
    On one of the bushwhacks I did this weekend I wrote in the register "this looks like manbearpig central" I think that was on Bear Mountain tho.
    Yeah, it was tropical allright in New Jersey! At least on the weekends of the trip- ha ha! My son (13) and I backpacked the NJ AT. Working on a TR now.
    Nice. I am so 4k-focused at this point that I've been toughing out the oh-so-lovely monorails... ;)
    Thanks! It was a shweeeeeeeet day to be up there, that's for certain. ;)

    Have you done any good hikes recently?
    Hey Brian, I'm going to link your "Day of Days" TR to a poll I'm making up because I think it demonstrates the point I am trying to make. Hope you don't mind! PM me if you do!
    Hey, Brian, Thanks for that green thing and the encouragement. And don't think I'm going to forget about Willey next winter:)
    Fine with me too. I'll check with the others that I'm thinking of and report back. I'm planning to be out tomorrow, Liberty & Flume during the day and I have a few hours of work tomorrow night in Concord. I'll check back in when I get home.
    A start around 7:00am is fine with me, but you probably knew that already. I know of possibly a couple that may be interested in joining the hike. Do you want to open it up?

    Either way is fine with me.

    We'll be dealing with the shortest day of winter which probably means 1 - 2 hours of headlights. Most of it should be Black Pond Trail and Wilderness Trail - easy.
    Winter officially starts at about 7:04. Bob has expressed an interest too. I don't mind an early start since Linwood is thankfully a bit closer. ;)
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