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    This week is a little unusual. Sue is on vacation and wants to get in a couple extra hikes. As always, we are trying to get the most from each day. So far, we're having a good week.
    Hey, thanks! I've done Franconia Ridge several times in the mist, and agree that it does make you appreciate the amazing beauty of the trail. That said, you do need to go back and do it on a bluebird day. Those views are something else... :)

    Regarding your next adventure - might I recommend the Twins (if the access roads are still open)? If the roads are closed, then definitely go for the Kinsmans via the Mt Kinsman trail. It's a real gem, and South Kinsman in particular is one fantastic peak.
    Just my 2 cents, Ive slept in the pinkham lot many times, you just have to be carefull they dont like it but Ive never been kicked out
    You can drive almost up to the AT crossing (up to the grid bridge).. At least I did with a corolla. The road is in poor condition. We drove over a mile beyond the AT 2 weeks ago in an outback but it was dicey.
    he he he...yup. Hubby wanted to join and couldn't come up with a good name. We love to hike together so he came up with "hikes-with-her"...so, I just HAD to be "hikes-with-him"!
    Sure! And thank you! Good luck with your new family addition! : -) Please don't forget to post pics for us all here!
    15.6 miles (approximately 5,300ft elevation gain). It's a fabulous traverse - most definitely recommended. Lafayette and Lincoln in particular are two of my favorite mountains. :)
    Thanks for the greenie! I was thinking about this because one day last winter I procrastinated about putting my crampons on going up Field. I slipped and whacked my head/face on the ground so hard that I actually broke my glasses! Even though I was seeing stars, I really never thought about a concussion. Who would have imagined that it could have been so much worse? Yikes!
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