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Jimmy Legs and Little D

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  • Just curious when you might be headed back up this way to New Hampshire for some hiking. I would like to get together when you do so be sure to let me know when. Hope all is well with you and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too. yours in hiking Sunshine Chris
    Hi Donna, It was great to meet you guys too! We had a nice long bushwhack in the rain the next day. Remind me when you are coming back north? Soon right?
    Give these a try. No daily limit either.

    Great! You'll love the Ossipees! Save Mount Shaw for a clear day, it will blow you away! The whole of the White Mountains is laid out before you to the north. Then visit Black Snout on the way up or down Shaw and the whole of Winnepesaukee is laid out before you there!
    Thanks for the greenie! It was definitely too long between visits for me. This may have to be a yearly pilgrimage now. Don't wait... GO! 8 )
    Ahhh, that wacky Jeremy. I always pictured him as more of a soft-shelled turtle, though...
    Thnaks for the greenie! Everest for staring me in the face and if I could afford it...you never know! It was very tempting looking!!
    Hey! Thank you for the Birthday wishes! I have had a chance to go through my photos and I have posted the albums on facebook....are you on facebook...if so send me a friend request. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! -MEB
    Agreed about the GC! My wife is already plotting our return, probably in '12. Thanks.
    Thank you for the nice note. And, yes, I suspect you'll encounter some snow and ice atop the Franconia Ridge -- but it sure looks pretty up top. The Presis look nice now, too, with a nice glaze of snow. Enjoy!
    was going to head to Acadia and had all our reservations to but decided to stay home and do some hiking instead only because we had just made the drive up to Baxter and didn't feel like being in the car for that long again so soon. A winter trip might be planned in February. Thanks for the birthday wishes
    Thanks for the posive feedback. Perhaps we'll have the pleasure of a meeting on the trails some day.
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