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  • Green for you!

    Hey, looks like we missed each other yesterday in Huntington Ravine... we started about 6:15am, on Washington from 10 to 10:45 or so.
    hey..thanks for the greenie...excellent treeline day and the route was superb..first real trail run on the new knee..it went great
    Thank-you for the greenie! We were not nearly as successful as your crew, but we had a terrific time, and look forward to going back....Baxter is really something else. Best regards, Rick.
    Thanks for a wonderful winter climb of Baxter and Hamlin.
    It was truly an amazing trip. The weather seemed to really give some great photo ops.
    After a lifetime of climbing these are among the best images of an "expeditionary trip ".
    Im from Franconia , NH and I remember thinking that compared to Katahdin my home seemed urban.
    Thanks again for a great armchair journey this am.
    Thanks for the greenie, it was beyond what words and photo's can show...I tried to do my best in pictures...
    Nepal sounds so excellent. I have a friend over there right now and can't wait to see her pics, and yours too! =)
    I'm definitly going to Banff next year , probably during winter to ski and then again to hike in summer....we should stay in touch.
    I can't make plans for anything til after Nepal, 3 more weeks!!!
    My kids are done with college and one's married, so it's all me now!!! But I know where you are at! Darl
    Hi Blaze .... I loved your TR on your hiking trip in Baxter. I'm confursed .... Did you get the dates wrong in your TR??? Shouldn't it read 9/23 rather than 10/23 etc?

    Ray (Jazzbo)
    I have that map and lots of the hiking scrambling books for Banff and Rockies..
    Mt Assiniboine is a peak that I have wanted to climb for years , it's technical and you need to backpack to it, so have been gathering a few other climbers to join me. Looks like next year it will happen, can't wait!
    I have always been very impressed with the forestry info centers and the maps/info they provide hikers. I think I also have that pamphlet map.
    I day hike pretty fast too and slow it down when on a classic scenic trip and for photography.
    Stay in touch and hopefully we can hook up to hike sometime together.
    I am training now as I leave for Nepal in 2 Months for 4 weeks of treking and climbing! Can't wait!
    I would love to see a map of your hike...I have climbed many of the summits in your pics...would like to visualize your hike better. Mt Edith's, Mt Bourgeau, Mt Temple last year, Castle, Cascade, Rundle, etc...
    If you go back next year I would love to join in if possible. I normally do solo day hikes as my friend usually only gets a day or two to hike with me. It's such a beautifull area!
    sure! hey, when we saw you hiking franconia ridge, was there a woman named carmen in your group?? i just met her the other day and am trying to place her?
    I think we saw you and your group several times yesterday on the ridge -- it was me, Tim and Val (ADKnBVI) and Terra the traildog. Great day to be out!!
    Hey Jonathan,
    thanks for the bday wishes. Hope you had a great one, too!! I have been on vacation this past week. Stay tuned for the TR in the near future!

    Best regards,
    Blaze -- thank you very much for the nice feedback on my photographs, as well as the green square!
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