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Great Pumpkin
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  • Thank you for the very kind comment and green square! I'm flattered... though on stunning days like the one I experienced on New Year's, very little skill is required to take great photos :).
    Thanks for the greenie...a truely awesome day!! Sharing a passion with others is it's own reward!
    Yeah, we're still chasing Trailwrights. 1 to go for all season and 26 to go for winter. We went up the Tripyramids 2 weeks ago and were discussing the last time we were there, we ran into the Great Pumpkin. Enjoyed your Baxter trip report. Take care, Glenn
    haha, takes time and lots of trip reports, haha. :) or funny posts. or knowing the right people. who not caring :D

    take care!
    Thanks very much ..I appreciate your kind words..sure was a great winter..already planning for next year
    Thank you very much for the kind words! Days like that just lend themselves to excellent pictures. All I had to do was point and shoot. :)
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